eSecure has a separate research and development group called “eLabs”, which is part of our Managed Security Services Division.  This group’s objective is to design, build and test new products and services that are considered centric to our ongoing commitment to educate and promote the benefits of security as a business enabler.

eLabs exploits our technical expertise utilising advanced technologies and techniques in facilities that provide both our customers and internal business units the following services:

- Product Evaluation
- Research and development
- Prototyping and Demonstration
- Assessment and Investigation

With respect to our Managed Services roadmap, our e-Labs group continually undertake research and development in the latest technologies to continually enhance our Managed Services.

Research in progress includes innovations in Large Scale (big data) Security analytics, Cloud Security Assurance and Cloud Service Migration Risk Mitigation, Agile Security Development of Multi-platform mobile applications and Social Media Security Integration.