IPS/IDS Management

eSecure’s Intrusion Prevention / Detection Services allows you to focus on your primary business goals while enjoying the best protection available. Protecting your network against the most severe exploits including worms, viruses, buffer overflows and denial-of-service is our speciality, allowing you to focus on yours.

eSecure’s Managed IDS Service is the most cost-effective way to continuously monitor the security of your Internet connection. As the Internet never sleeps, managing and monitoring IPS/IDS infrastructure 24 x 7 is a job that requires specialist knowledge - knowledge of Internet protocols, security vulnerabilities, emerging threats. eSecure professionals can manage and monitor your IPS/IDS infrastructure to give you the experience and protection that you deserve.

Benefits of utilising eSecure’s IPS/IDS Management include:
- 24x7 management and monitoring coverage.
- Local and global threat coverage and support.
- High Performance Network Security with real-time attack, malicious code and hybrid threat blocking.
- Pre-emptive protection with thousands of out of the box recommended blocking actions that neutralise threats.
- Global threat monitor, identifying and evaluating global threats from worm and virus attacks, and new security threats.
- Secure web portal providing real-time reporting, graphing, trend analysis and statistical information required by

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