Managed Services

Our “infraSecure” Managed Security Services (IMSS) Division delivers a comprehensive 24 x 7 security monitoring and management solution that frees you from the day-to-day challenges associated with supporting an effective IT security environment. Common issues and challenges that our customers face include:

- Hiring the required skill levels
- Maintaining skills currency
- Developing and implementing the necessary
procedures and disciplines
- Maintaining the required levels of diligence in monitoring
and analysing the resultant data sets
- Developing the systems required to provide audit trailing
and forensics
- Determining, instigating and enacting the appropriate
response procedures
- Handling and impact analysis of change requests
- Maintaining the integrity and viability of the environment
- Responding to and tracking problem requests
- Delivery of reporting information

Our experienced personnel in conjunction with our purpose built managed services infrastructure can assist you in solving these challenges. This means you can concentrate your efforts and resources on your core business, secure in the knowledge that your security infrastructure is in the expert hands of your specialised security partner.

Our Managed Security Services delivers a comprehensive suite of security monitoring and management solutions to customers. The IMSS service suite includes Firewall Management, IPS/IDS Management, Availability Monitoring, Authentication Services, Vulnerability Scanning, Certificate Management, Onsite Support, Log Monitoring, SIEM, Secure Gateway, Vulnerability Management, and Request (Event) Tracker.

For further assurance to our customers, our Secure Operations Centre (SOC) and Managed Services infrastructure are located in multiple highly secured, N+1 data centres. Access controls such as biometrics, video surveillance, secure trap doors, access control cards and 24x7 manned security guards protect the SOC and physical security of the hardware that contains customer data.