Assurance Services

Networks, systems, applications and processes are continuously exposed to an increasing risk of cyber attack. The success of such attacks depends on the attack surface and an organisations approach to addressing known security holes.

Detecting and resolving security issues before they can be attacked is an organisation's best chance of avoiding the consequences of a breach. Our security assurance services are supported by data analytics which allow our clients to understand, categorise, prioritise and resolve their security issues.

eSecure provides end-to-end security assurance services to help identify issues before they can be exploited and assist in confirming the closure of issues after remediation. eSecure also provides a range of services which are intended to simulate and help prepare our Clients' operational teams for responding to cyber attack. These include Red Teaming, Social Engineering and Security Incident Simulations.

eSecures Assurance services include:

  • Social Engineering, etc

  • Penetration Testing (Black box & White box)

  • Web Application Security Testing

  • Application Code Security Review

  • Wireless Network Security Testing

  • Host security config Review

  • External Network Vulnerability Assessment

  • Internal Network Vulnerability Assessment

  • Social Engineering

  • Red Teaming

  • Cyber security simulations and table top exercises

  • Cryptographic controls review

  • Password compliance testing