Consulting Services

The Internet has emerged as a leading communications and services channel for almost every organisation. Regardless of the usage, whether sophisticated e-commerce or passive web presence, the need for a reliable, secure and trustworthy service remains.

Our intimate involvement with information security over our 23 years of business has allowed us to develop a Service Model that supports the development of a secure service. This is then supported by assurance services to ensure it remains secure in the face of the constantly changing nature of an organisation’s business, IT environment, and network.

From the formation and communication of Strategy, the development of practical & focused Policies and Standards to support & reinforce your business requirements, to the development, implementation and ongoing management of the Security environment, eSecure works with you to achieve your information security goals. 

Our service focuses on the following:

  • Prevention - Establishing a secure environment through adoption of ‘best-fit’ security measures which align to a Clients risk appetite, whilst maintaining agility

  • Detection - Establishing visibility and a baseline of security, against which attacks and anomalies can be identified

  • Response - Flexible, Adaptable and Timely response to identified security issues

  • Recovery - Restoring the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of networks, applications, systems and processes

Consulting Services include activities such as:

  • Security Incident Response - Assisting our clients in their management of, and response to security incidents

  • Security Strategy - Providing clear direction and a bridge between Business, Technology, Risk Management and Compliance Goals

  • Security Architecture & Design - Repeatable, Scalable architecture and design which considers all security requirements

  • Security Governance, Risk & Compliance - Establishing a solid foundation for managing and measuring security, risk and compliance across the enterprise

  • Secure Application Development - Supporting the development of secure applications and the implementation of security across the Software Development Lifecycle

  • Security Education, Training & Awareness - Effectively communicating security related messages and skills to audiences ranging from Application Developers to the Board

  • Security Analytics - Transforming Raw Data through analytics and visualisation into Insights and Opportunities