Blending human and technology to detect and respond to security threats

Our managed detection and response services can scale up and down depending on budget and required capabilities.

Round-the-clock (24x7x365) response and triage of security events and escalation of security incidents arising from the existing security platforms
Alarm prioritisation and escalation in accordance with your requirements, using your ticketing system and agreed notifications methods
Creation and maintenance of incident playbooks tailored to your operational processes
Security reviews of security events and security tool reports (Transition to automation where possible)
Customised reporting based on your needs

Boots on the ground and specialist support to contain and counter an active threat or incident

Based on a small monthly fee and a pre-agreed incident response rate, this service provides deep expertise to assist you in a crisis.


Coordination and expertise to support incident response


Seamless Integration of client, partner and 3rd party capabilities


Follow the sun and multi-geography to support round the clock response means that we keep going while you sleep


Experienced incident handlers document every step to provide confidence and accountability in actions taken and decisions made


Simple, business oriented briefings throughout the incident to ensure stakeholders are empowered and informed


Providing a security service capability to capture, and in most cases, resolve security issues at first contact

Our security service desk leverages eSecures, its Partners and your own knowledge base to quickly capture, triage, track and resolve issues.


Augment any capability with full 24x7x365 support, providing reliable and consistent security services

Expand your team, allow your hard working security resources to focus on high value tasks secure in the knowledge that security services continue

Leverage eSecure's systems and 27001 certified processes to reduce key person dependencies and retain knowledge

Quickly acquire and integrate new skills and services

Full performance and task tracking to support automation and efficiency


Finding, analysing, prioritising, tracking and closing security vulnerabilities across the enterprise

eSecure provides a service which considers the value of the business assets being protected as well as the capabilities of the threats posed to ensure Business and Risk Management objectives are achieved.


Regular and ongoing network vulnerability scanning to proactively identify issues before they become a problem

Analysis of identified issues and expert advice and guidance on remediation

Tracking of the remediation status of vulnerabilities to ensure that they are closed (and stay closed)

Human-centric reporting to enable effective prioritisation around vulnerability remediation and management

Analytics and dashboarding to track the status and history of assets and associated vulnerabilities