• Clinton Smith

In response to client demand for an effective and affordable platform to help protect their employees against phishing, eSecure has partnered with Cofense (creators of the well-respected PhishMe service).

This combined service leverages eSecures Managed Security and Analytics capabilities to provide high-value and actionable assessment of an organisations exposure to email-borne social engineering attacks via Phishing.

For more information about this service or help managing cybersecurity, don't hesitate to contact us.

Author: Clinton Smith

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  • Clinton Smith

With the impending new financial year and with the not-to-distant memory of a number of deeply disturbing cybersecurity vulnerabilities, many organisations have started asking a number of questions such as:

"where are we going to find enough cybersecurity people to help us manage security?"

"we trust our security team but really don't know where we stand around security"

"we have a security person but we are concerned with what happens after hours?"

"what should we do to attract and retain good cybersecurity people, or deal with workload?"

"how can we help our cybersecurity people keep up with the changing threat landscape?"

The answer to these questions could include such things as a protracted search for talent, use of expensive contractors and large global consulting firms, growing of an internal capability or outsourcing and offshoring.

Whilst many of these activities can assist in addressing an immediate requirement, there are usually cost, risk and productivity implications. In addition, the inevitable loss of internal knowledge occurs when these short term solutions conclude.

As an organisation that has launched the career of many cybersecurity professionals over the last two decades, eSecure provides a different approach that teams new talent with experienced practitioners combining people, process and technology to produce individuals who share our security vision and a 'can do' attitude.

This investment in education and professional development is supported by eSecures partners and clients to produce creative, adaptable and enthusiastic cybersecurity professionals.

In return for the industry and partner support of these talented professionals, a key aspect of our strategy includes social responsibility and commitment of time towards charitable giving and community service.

FY2019 will see the launch of eSecures Cybergrad initiative which formalises our approach.

Contact us for more information on the initiative.

Author: Clinton Smith

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